Hajj is the holy place for Muslims and from the five pillars of Islam, it is one of them. It is said that all Muslims should perform Hajj at least one in their life. But there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for performing this spiritual duty.Therefore if you are planning for hajj there are a lot of things you need to know and a lot of preparations you have to do.


Every Muslim who is able to fulfill the conditions mentioned below should perform Hajj at least once in their entire life.

  • A person should be mature enough to understand the significance of Hajj.
  • A person should be physically and mentally healthy.
  • A person should financially stable to bear the expenses for hajj as well as for the dependents during his absence.

Preparations for Hajj

You may all agree that Hajj is the once in a lifetime experience for the majority of the people. For performing this spiritual obligation there is a considerable amount of time,money and physical strength required. So it is very necessary to start your preparations at least 4 to 5 months before the date of your departure. Make sure that you do not have any stress regarding your family, finances or any other thing so that you can go for this meaningful pilgrimage with a peace of mind. Below are some of the things you can consider for your preparation for hajj.

Travel agent

Royal Indonesia
Royal Indonesia

Choosing a right travel agent is a very important part of the preparations. There are so many agencies out there who offer different packages for Hajj but not all of them provide quality services. So make sure to ask the necessary questions before finalizing your travel agent. For many people, it can be their first experience so you can take recommendations from your family and friends who have already performed hajj for selecting an appropriate travel agent. Although there are also some of the travel agents who provide quality services to make sure the well-being and comfort of the pilgrims like Royal Indonesia.


You need certain vaccinations for your hajj visa to get issued. The government requirements of Saudi Arabia are generally stricter than the recommendation of WHO. So makes sure to go through the guideline and take proper vaccinations as required to go to Saudi Arabia. You can also take help from your travel agent for the additional requirements.

Hence, we hope that the above information will help you in preparing for Hajj in a more efficient manner.